05/05/2024 Waves

When everything seems to be fine, enjoy the moment. Do not say it out loud. Everytime, I have spoken about being happy, the universe answered with unwanted rocks in the wide alley in front of me.

One day, I am going to write a song with the title “I broke my rib in Copenhagen”. After weeks of pain, I have 2-3 weeks ahead, until I am hopefully moving as good as before. But one issue comes with another and so I am forced to find a new job and to leave a job I really like. Without a new investor and its interest in the staff, a plan B has to be ready. Although I am confident to be healed and to get a new position, this not chosen change cannot be faced at once. The last weeks were busy – not anymore. There is no priority in front of this plan B. No reason to avoid the confrontation with the most likely future. Where do you start looking for new ideas? From your position? From your most successful past or the always wanted future for which you need the brave lion heart inside?

A crack is a chance to start over again. A crack gives you the feeling of being lost, but also of being free. Having the freedom to choose my near future, why not taking the power for my real passion and work as an author? The voice of security, clarity and comfort rebells immediately. This inner dialog has just begun..