09/06/2022 The day

Tomorrow will be the day. The day I knew I was going to loose my baby. Since then, this date always came after 365 other days. Year by Year. And now, it is going to be the tenth time. Some days before, I start having pain in the lower back. My whole system gets nervous until I ask myself for reasons. And then, I remember. The tragic pictures in my head start running. A transparent blanket lies on my shoulders with enough weight to feel uncomfortable. I am sad.

Because we lost our first born child. Because we had to let go the future we created as a family. I still feel the vacuum in my breast, in my heart and in my soul as a mother.

Whenever you meet a mother or father who shares this unbelievable loss, please forget about days and years which had passed since this special date. No matter how long this distance is, the pain inside is still there and always will be. And that is ok. Just write or say “I think of you and your child, today.”. It will make a big difference, I promise.