13/02/2022 Old style

Once it was en vogue, two decades later, it is old-fashioned, out of style. Just wait 10 more years and your “old style“ celebrates it‘s new renaissance.

Pourquoi pas? C‘est le cercle de la vie. Quand je parle de ma question de croyance, c’est différent. // Why not? That is the circle of life. When I talk about my question of believe, it is different.

All these old sentences were born in discomfort. The longer we live with them the more powerful they become. They are never a trend to follow or unfollow. They are present in our unconsciousness to define the decision we make with our 5 % -concious-mind. So where do I start to reboot self-consciousness and -confidence when it comes to new ways made by new decisions inspired by new believes?
I start with a vision of myself in 10 months. How do I want to feel, where will my happy place be? What is new to my daily routine and what is gone? Who will have lost a seat in my movie?

Invite yourself to imagine and to feel. You wanna be there as fast as time traveller? Which YES do you have to say? Which NO has to be made? This is the moment when your comfort zone awakes whispering it’s dozens of BUTs to your mind.

This is the moment you observe yourself thinking old sentences. Do not trust them, they will not guide you to your new vision of life. This pattern of thinking will hold you running in circles.

to be continued…