14/11/2021 Landscapes

What about seeing landscapes of the past? The more often I am there, the more bookmarks my memory collects.

A blanket full of printed trees without leaves. I was little, half-grown with horses in my head. Every drive through wide meadows by night, I looked up to the black branches. Long alleys limited by these giants. I felt embraced by nature and every sleep in this blanket reminded me of these moments on the road.

Today, I saw this landscape called home, again. Decades later, the warmth inside me causes a little smile on my face.

There is only one stronger link to coming home from my childhood: the way from south through the harbour with all its lights and reflections.

Lights and reflections awake another landscape from the past. An Asian city separated by water. I used to live and work on one side and celebrated the weekends on the other side. Skyscrapers showed their colourful beauty at night. This city leads me to its soundscape. For me, it was the first place where I recognised the sound of a city. Even on the hills around, all the noises made a base tone. Well, trying to sleep with an open window was the other side, sure. And only topped by nights in New York City.

I just returned from a weekend by the sea with a long beach and a quite forest. Barely any sound, but the smell of salty water and humid wood.I have not heard about a smellscape, yet. Until now..