18/04/2022 Richness

We went to the sea, just for one night. I felt the sun on my skin, enjoyed breathing fresh air and saw memories of last summer on my mind. Silence on the roof terrace, birds were singing while I was walking surrounded by peace and nature. To me, this is „being rich“. No luxury goods can substitute it.
And to be fair, I love luxury goods. But I do not need them to look rich just to feel rich to be rich. So what is it that makes you feel rich?

Is it freedom of time? Never having felt hunger? Living in a country where education is not a matter of money?

Having a home? I started the second year in the new flat. It is more a house on the ground floor. These walls are the biggest improvement in years. I still hear people saying why moving in a pandemic? I said because of the pandemic! No idea when it will be over! And guess what? The world started it’s third year with this unseen risk. And yes, I bought new assets, did not sell one stock. Don’t let anxiety define your decisions.