20/11/2022 Isolation

It has been six days in isolation. I am waiting for being released.

Not that I could have walked outside for more than 15 minutes at once. Not that I did not have everything at home. But it is a mental need to feel freedom, again. Being forced to quarantine now reaches my free mind and soul. Just a walk around the block to be connected to the world around me and to see the vibrant energy field of traffic. But what if there is no food delivery service, no warm home and – most important – no peace? No daily life, only survival and destruction. Where do all the civilians at war get their energy from to move on? What if you cannot go back to normal? It is like an isolation not from others, but with others from everything you have seen as your reality. Forever, not just for days. All the places linked to life saved personal memories. Most of these places are bombed ruins, some people you share these memories with are gone. Some of them are dead.

So I stop seeing the last days as a burden. I still have everything I need. I had a smaller radius and some health issues, only. And tomorrow, I will have the privilege to go back to my “normal”, in peace.