25/06/2022 Just be

We worry about the future, we think of long forgotten thoughts and want to change the past for an alternative future. Whenever we are asked “How are you?”, we do not hear the “, right now?” at the end. We usually answer by telling how we struggled the week before or about the tasks of the days to come. When we describe a perfect tomorrow, we only talk about what will be added or removed and never about what there is to stay.

The truth is, that life is neither in our yesterday, nor in our tomorrow.

So when did we forget to just be? Just be who we are, where we are. Somewhere between our childhood and our grown-up-selves, we lost this natural way of being. Where time, worries and regrets do not exist. We are aware of our surroundings, focused on ourselves and we see the fullness of being alive. There is no place to run from and no place to go. Just be where we are and accept what is.

I see toddlers playing in the sand for hours. Dogs who lay down on the sunniest floor near the window to rest. I see the smile in an artist‘s face when the applause rises. People who open their eyes after a meditation. Someone walking through a garden who feels the joy of being surrounded by the beautiful nature.

Instead, I observe couples in a restaurant who starre at their smartphones instead of talking to each other. I see inpatient customers who give their energy to the row in front of them. I hear people trying to overcall the holiday plans of others. I hear people who empower bad experiences from the past by talking about them again and again.

Maybe, you can take these thoughts to identify your own buttons for past and future. And discover a little action for just being here and now.