01/01/2021 Welcome, world!

During my life, there have not been times of more unity than this time of a worldwide pandemic. I travelled around the globe and collected unique memories. Nowadays, I remind myself of travelling and put all these lived moments together as if they were from one place called earth. When I think about all of us sitting in this together, I have the same feeling. And for me, this is the gift of this craziness. When it comes to vaccinations, it is even more obvious.

What do we learn?

So, what else can humanity learn from this for future generations? Cooperation is a chance to proceed faster for the sake of all. Conscious travelling and catching a plane every month for short trips does not fit our vision of a responsible life style. We are breathing the same air. And with it the illness and pollution that our mankind is responsible for. With my decision to buy less and more fair and eco products, I make a difference for the life of a community and many of their families on the other side of this one world.

What else? Gratitude. It was luck that I was born in a western country. With enough of everything including education. My study costs were 40.000 € for 3 years to an international degree. More than an Indian worker will earn in his hard working lifetime. With a warm home and supermarkets around every corner, it was easy to follow the rules of a lockdown. Well, mentally it is not, but the organisation is.

The essence!

It all comes down to the one question: What do I really need in my life? And what can be reduced or gotten rid of? It is a new kind of minimalism that takes us further than our little world to a global understanding. I am convinced that we learn the hard way what our society should have learned 2 or 3 decades earlier. All the green movements and climate change voices had been there before. But the industrial way of following known patterns to increase “wealth” had driven policy and the economy to the short view path of growth.

What do you think about all these questions? What is your local and global perspective? Just comment below. Thanks for reading and thinking about my point of view.

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