23/01/2021 Oh London!

Why do I write about London? Statistics have shown me that there had been many visitors from this city within the last 24 hours and all of them not for the first time. For many years, I have travelled to London and Paris twice a year for job issues. I really enjoyed spending time in the streets of London. I got favorite places to eat, to shop and to have a look at cool people with great outfits. A walk in the Hyde Park or window shopping in the Regent Street. One of the best things in life I have ever done: I started a business trip one day earlier and alone to join a concert of my favorite singers Fink and Ben Howard together in one show. What a night!

I love the lines of little town houses and the international flair. So many nations and languages in one place. And I love the black cabs and the various coffee shops with walls of ready-to-eat stuff. But this is not what I remember the most. It is the fact that I always thougth about someone who had moved to this city before my first visit. And with every IP address from London visiting my blog I am wondering if this „someone“ is part of the list. This is weird and more than unlikely.

It is what I call „movie scenes par hazard“. I am a rational person. Whenever a movie has too many coincidences, I cannot believe the story anymore. But when I am afraid of seeing someone or hope to see someone, I want all of this „hazards in movies – thing“ in my life. In the positive or the negative way, depending on the person. Do you know what I mean?

If yes – thank you. Now, I do not feel so alone anymore. If no – well, now you know that people like me exist. Greetings to everyone from London and the rest of the world, connected more than ever in this worldwide thing called love in times of this pandemic.

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