30/01/2021_2 White sun

When ist comes to favorites of a year, people mostly think about their summer holidays abroad. Well, yes! But there are two things I love as much as beach days: going through huge hills of leaves in autumn and hearing the sound of your own feet while walking on fresh snow. The sunrays dance on the white ice crystals. So good! So magic! And I am grateful we have the 48 hours winter time slot in the north of Germany right now.

What do both favourites have in common? They allow me to act like a child. No matter what age I am. These memories are so strong that seeing this moment in front of you makes you feel young again. And I never think of what others could think about me behaving like a toddler. So why is that? I want to follow my inner voice more often without being afraid of the judgement of others.

What do you not do because of other people? What tells your inner voice when you try to listen? The truth is that other people are so involved in their own life that they think less about you than you think.

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